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Management by Essentials

“A meaningful conversation begins with introspection”

With this training, we empower managers and (HR)-professionals with the fundamentals of coaching, enabling them to engage in conversations with (more) self-confidence through the acquisition of tools and techniques for in-depth and structured communication. This results in effectively guiding their conversation partners, such as employees or customers, towards the intended goal.

You will discover the coaching techniques that best suit you and learn how to to deal with your own themes, enabling you to be an authentic conversation partner.

Are you open to self-reflection and willing to face your personal patterns? If so, this would be the proper training for you.


People-oriented guidance is essential for fully utilizing the potential of your employees. Dissatisfaction caused by employees feeling unheard or unseen, inevitably impacts the intended results. Effective communication is the key. After this training, you will gain coaching skills that can be directly applied in work situations or daily practice, resulting in:

Fostering awareness of effectiveness in conducting conversations. What inhibits effectiveness in this regard?
Developing a basic attitude that helps create mutual understanding.
Learning how to structure a conversation to remain goal-oriented and to the point
Understanding how stress (in yourself or your conversation partner) affects the communication and how to deal with it.
Understanding the effect of principles and the impact on behavior.
Gaining insight into what motivates people, or what holds them back.
Recognizing sabotaging patterns that can negatively affect the relationship between you and your conversation partner, and how to manage them.
Recognizing when you are dealing with behavior in the role of ‘victim’ or ‘creator’.
Learning how to examine situations from different perspectives and discuss them.

Our training ‘Management by Essentials’ is highly recommended for

(project) managers, team leads, consultants, communication specialists, HR-managers/specialists, internal coaches, trust persons.

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