Intercultural awareness for expats

Intercultural awareness for expats

Intercultural awareness for expats

Employers need adequate and effective employability in a diversified setting. We support professionals to integrate smoothly in the Dutch work culture. We train and coach people who are interacting with different cultures. We build on intercultural competences.


Living abroad in a foreign country can be hard, especially when it comes to understanding the culture of the people. We give you as professional from abroad the opportunity to get together with a mixed group of people working in the Netherlands, with a diversified cultural background.


You will be guided in awareness and understanding of the Dutch culture. We offer you an experience; a journey through business topics like:

guidance in awareness and understanding of the Dutch culture
effective communication within an intercultural setting
planning & decision making
changes in the Dutch work environment
manage uncomfortable situations in a professional manner

For whom?

This training is attended by professionals from abroad who wants to learn more about the Dutch culture and about effective interaction within the Dutch business culture.

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